- If your looking for a good detangler, try a small amount (1/16th of the bottle)
of leave-in conditioner in a bottle mixed with water. Shake it well and spray it onto the hair. It's perfect for detangling and conditioning the hair.
-Believe it or not, boys tend to be the higher maintenance kids when it comes to haircuts. Usually 4-6 weeks.
-Although many girls with long hair tend to get their hair cut less frequently than boys, it is good to get them in at least once every 4-6 weeks, in that way you clear up the dry ends. This keeps it healthier, and makes it easier to brush through.
-When choosing a haircutter for your child make sure  they are "kid friendly". That means they have a sunny demeanor, and generally are comfortable working with kids. The optimum situation is to have a hair stylist or barber who is experienced with the little ones, and frequently does kids haircuts. In this way they are used to the interruptions that can occur in this process.
-In deciding on when to get your childs first haircut, it is important to consider whether you are psychologically ready yourself, because sometimes once those curls are gone they're gone. So have it done at the right time. On the other hand, even when they have a tiny bit of hair, if your ready, it's okay
to cut the hair at any age because it will help it grow better. Indeed, cutting the hair at the very least cleans up the dry ends and allows it to grow out in a more healthy way.
-Long layers on toddlers is a good way to clean up their dry ends. All too often parents wait way too long to trim the ends. This ,of course, causes the ends to split.