-If you have more than one child, and the younger one has never had their hair cut, have them go with you to watch the older sibling get their hair cut ( providing the older one is good at getting their hair cut).
In this way the younger one will see that the haircutting experience is not a big deal. In my experience this little tip always works in getting little brother or sister to accept the haircutting experience.
-If you can avoid it, try not to do your children's bangs yourself. It can be a dangerous enterprise since children, especially the toddlers, have a tendency to make sudden movements.
-To avoid tangles on long hair have the hair stylist do long layers. In this way you can still tie it back if you need to. The long layers allow for easier "pull through". Also, it cleans up more of the dry ends which is usually  the cause of the bad tangles.
-When having the childs bangs cut make sure they texurize or chip the bangs. Having it cut straight across with some styles is fine, but many times it looks more natural if you have them texturize.

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