1. While you want a quality haircut, don't be obsessive or expect perfection if the child is having difficulty with the experience.
2. If they're toddler age, allow the child to have food during the cut. It keeps them distracted, and occupied. If they're allergic to various foods, bring something along that they can eat.
3. Always build the haircut up as a good and or fun experience. If they perceive it to be bad in any way, they will get upset over it.
4. Make sure the person cutting the hair likes kids, and is experienced in dealing with them in the haircutting situation.
5. Safety comes first. Try to avoid doing it yourself unless you can't find an experienced person. Children
especially ages 0- 7 do move. Toddlers make many sudden movements. Use your judgement.
6. If the child is having great difficulty dealing with the haircut, focus more on making them comfortable than on getting a "designer" type haircut. The reason for this is because helping them get used to the haircutting experience can save you from having years of aggrivation getting this task done.

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