I have been a hairstylist specializing in children for over 13 years. If it's one thing that I've learned during this time it is that there are definitely ways to make the haircutting experience a good one for these sensitive little customers. Indeed, the big joke with most people is that children really hate to get their hair cut. However, if the hair stylist is child friendly, and greets the child in an inoffensive way chances are the child will do better with the experience.
 The first thing that is so important for the hair stylist to be aware of is their own attitude towards the child who sits in their chair ( or on the parents lap). In the fast cutting childrens franchise salons, the typical attitude is that some kids take to the experience and some don't. In fact, they often have a name for those kids "screamers". This is the wrong attitude. I would say that you can get a very large percentage of the first time haircut kids to react positively to the experience if the stylist takes their time to make the child feel comfortable. It can also be done with those who have previously gotten upset. All it takes is a little more work by not going right into the haircut, and getting them comfortable first. Secondly, the use of distractions, bubbles, t.v. set, cookies, pops etc. keep their mind off of the actual experience. In my next writing I will cover some of the important techniques for making all of this happen.

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