As I've stated in the first article, childrens haircuts do not have to be a disaster. In my own business I take great care in making sure that the child is very comfortable before I do the haircut. Indeed, ever since I began cutting childrens hair, I have payed particular attention to the comfort level of my customers. This  concern, as I've stated previously, seems to bypass the business model of the"Kid Cut Salons".
 Here are some tips a stylist can use in order to help the child feel more comfortable:
 1. Allow for a solid 10 minutes of getting the child used to the environment, when you first greet them.
 2. Bubbles always work to ease the tension. Do bubbles if you have to for the first 10 minutes or until the  child is comfortable .
 3. Sometimes direct eye contact with the child can scare them. Acknowledge your little customer but look away as much as you need to. This is one of the little known aspects of dealing with children during this process that most hair stylists and barbers are unaware of.
4. During this process the hair stylist needs to take the lead. Usually parents are very good with allowing this. The reason this is important is because the stylist is the one with the scissors,and if they know what their doing, too many people trying to control the situation can lead to problems.However, parents can be very helpful in assisting the process, for example holding the childs head or arms if they're moving excessively.
5. If you're a stylist and you want to cut childrens hair learn to cut their hair while they're moving. Usually if they're restricted too much this is what leads to them getting upset. 

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