Crying during the haircut is the age old problem with kids. It's not surprising since there are scissors involved in the task. In my practice I always try to hide the scissors from the little ones. There is no need for them to see them anyway. However, there are several things that you should keep in mind about this outburst. Here are some essentials you should know.
1. Many kids do it because of the fear factor.
2. 99.9% of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with the type of parent you are.
3. Most importantly, if you go to the right person, it's not a foregone conclusion that they have to cry.
4. A lot of the time "kid cut" assembly line type of salons do not try to reduce the crying. They're just interested in getting them in and out for the quick buck.
5. Sometimes the reason they cry is simply because they're sensitive to touch, and actually I find that children with very thick hair can feel their hair being pulled during the haircut more than other children. Thus, here lies the need for a light touch on the head by the haircutter.
6. If the haircut is not built up into a fun or positive experience, often times the child will become scared during the cut.
7. By the same token if too big a deal is made over the haircut especially if the emphasis is that they have to have it done, this gets the child anxious also.
8. When the parent is too much of a perfectionist and they are looking for an absolutely perfect haircut, the child will always picks up on this, and become more anxious. Indeed, your better off with a marginally good haircut the first time coupled with a pleasant experience. In this way you'll be able to bring them back without problems, and each cut will then be better anyway.
9. If the only way to get the haircut done is by doing it while they're crying, don't fret this is pretty common, and eventually they will get over it with consistent haircuts. Indeed, the more they do it the more they get used to it.

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