Part of the psychology of the childs haircut involves how to bring it all about. In fact, I find in my hairstyling

practice getting the kids to sit still, and in many cases allow you to do the haircut at all, is a challenge. There are several ways that you can distract the child in order to get this task done. Here are some:


1. As mentioned before, bubbles are the absolute best distractor. Kids are hypnotized by them for some reason.


2. If the child's not too young, lollipops seem to relax them in the chair. Psychologists say it acts like a substitute for nursing.


3. For the hairstylist, having them watch t.v. while you move around them without showing the scissors or letting them know what you are doing.


4. Any type of food they like. I usually give them animal crackers. Kids love them.


5. Toys they are partial to. Typically, girls might bring in a favorite doll, and boys might bring in a car they like. 


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