When it comes to kids haircuts, you want the stylist to pull out all the stops. The better and more fun that the haircutting experience is for the child, the easier it will be to get them to the hairstylist. That is why entertaining the child with humor really makes the experience more fun. With the young toddlers silly faces, and noises all work. This can include parent involvement too.

   Indeed, when you bring your child in get your good humor together. Try not to worry too much about acting like a fool, because sometimes the sillier the humor, the more laughter you will get out of the child. What's more, bringing along items that entertain them can be very helpful too. For example their favorite stuffed animal, or a funny little toy that they like. With children that are beyond the toddler years, just try to loosen up within reason. All kids appreciate humor, and it definitely goes far in creating a good atmosphere. In my childrens hairstyling practice I have lots of movies to entertain the kids. They range anywhere from "Berenstein Bears" to "Ice Age" to "Cars", all movies that are easy going, and inoffensive. Again, just make sure there is laughter with the haircut. It goes a long way.

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