In getting your childs haircut, it is important to choose which style is best suited for them. Style and practicality are equally important. For boys ages 0-8, there are several haircuts that are both practical and stylish.
  The "Boys Regular", for example is the traditional boys haircut, that is short on the sides, and blended
into the top, which is a little longer. Typically, its the haircut that you comb to the side. The sides can be clippered or layered, but the top is always scissored.
  The "Short, Boys Regular", typically is short on the sides, eithered clippered or scissored, and the shortest you can possibly get it with scissors, on the top. Of course, there is the popular "Buzz Cut" with is clippered all over. Usually, all of these boys cuts are
wash and wear, until they grow out, of course.
  The "Surfer Dude Cut" is the boys long cut that goes
over the ears, and beyond. This is scissored, and needs to be cut in a way that makes the child look boyish. If done properly, this is achieveable. Usually the stylist, can achieve this with alot of chipping, giving the customer a more rough look.
  Girls haircuts that are most practical for ages 0-8, are usually the shorter ones. "The Bob" is cut around chin level, and a little beyond, but not down to the shoulders. This can be done with or without bangs.
However, bangs for 0-4 girls is highly recommended, since at this age, many do not like berets. " The Short Cut with a Stack, is another wash and wear cut. Here
the back is layered up and the sides come to chin level. It gives the appearance of being short in the back and longer in the front.
  The "Long Cut" is just what it sounds like. It is definitely less wash and wear due to the fact that you have to constantly brush it. In this case, the stylist usually just trims the ends. All in all their are many more cuts, but the ones mentioned are the most practical, and popular.