What are the toddlers perceptions of getting a haircut? This is the big question for parents. Their fears are what you would expect. The scissors, for one, can pose a threat to them. Indeed, as a parent you often warn your child to stay away from sharp objects, so why would they want a perfect stranger to come near them with a sharp object.

  The answer to this, in terms of the haircut is actually for the haircutter to keep the scissors out of the toddlers sight as much as possible. There will be plenty of time during future haircuts, and when infact  the child is comfortable, to explain that the haircutting scissors are actually ok to have near you. The person doing the haircut, if they're experienced with kids, knows how to keep the scissors out of the childs sight.

  Another fear the child tends to have is that it is simply another one of those new experiences they are going to have. As such,parents need to do everything they can to talk up the haircutting experience, and again I will reiterate, as I have stated in previous articles, the person doing the first haircuts should be experienced with children.