I've noticed a funny common theme when girls get their haircuts. What it is is that the Dads seem to like their girls to have long hair. Now that is totally fine in terms of style. But whether it works depends largely on several criteria. Long hair is fine on little girls if:


1. Someone is willing to comb it out every day.


2. It doesn't tangle up too much each day.


3. It doesn't get in the childs way during the day, or they are willing to wear berets.


4. The child doesn't mind having their hair combed out daily.


5. If the child likes it long.


  I would say that long hair will work out for you as long as the situation fulfills 5 out of 5 of these criteria.

Otherwise, you may want to reconsider whether your daughter should have long hair. Indeed, short haircuts

often work better on ages 0-5, or until they themselves start combing it out. On the other hand there are a 

few moms and dads who don't mind combing hair in the morning.



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