Autism is a condition that affects many children .Some of the symptons to look for  are as follows:
-An inability to communicate or relate to other   people.
-The child doesn't show any interest in their toys.
-There is a propensity to focus too much on one activity.
- There are few signs of verbalization.
- The child doesn't seen to be aware of their surroundings as much as other children.
  Typically it can be discovered before the child is 3 years old, and depending on the extent of their condition, it can be treated so that they will be able to live independently as adults. In terms of the haircutting experience, hair stylists and barbers need to be aware that autistic children are unusually sensitive to being touched. This, of course includes their scalp, and hair. Indeed, when doing the haircut, whether using the scissors or clippers, gently applying either of these to the child's head is important.
  In dealing with this situation, as a rule ,the person doing the haircut needs to be very attentive to the childs concerns, such as being very gentle in communicating with them, in addition to the light touch approach. Getting them used to the haircutting experience usually takes several visits for them to be half way comfortable. They're usually never completely at ease, but can get to a point of tolerating the cut. All in all, the haircutting experience for the autistic child does not have to be a bad one.